Hopeful Heart Project was created by two loss moms in Fargo, North Dakota coming together to honor the children they have lost. Read on to learn more about Hope and Henry, the two babies who have helped inspire the direction and mission of our organization as it continues to develop.



Henry's Mom

My pregnancy with Henry was relatively uneventful. A perfectly healthy little boy. He moved around so often I only had to sit still a moment to feel him wiggling away. He loved story time with Brenna. At night we would snuggle up in a big rocking chair and his big sister chatted and carried on. He kicked and squirmed at the sound of her little voice. I have no doubt he recognized and loved her songs and giggles.

The day he was born we knew his name would have to be Henry. He looked like a Henry.

He was perfect. His hair was a light brown that turned golden when it caught the light just so. His skin tone was warm and he had long fingers and toes. The moment the nurses brought him to me, I memorized his sweet little face. He was soft and warm and smelled the beautiful way babies do when they snuggle in close by your neck.

It was morning and the spring sun shone through the windows without regard for the darkness in our hearts that day. His dad carried him over and showed him what outside looked like from the window and held him so he could feel the warm sun on his skin. The hours ticked by and we spent the day sharing him with his grandparents and big sister. I wish we had more time. I wish we’d had a lifetime to take him in the way all parents think they will. In a single day we committed to memory every detail we could; how he felt in our arms, his scent, and the way his lips pursed so delicately.

We said our goodbyes and kissed him endlessly until he took his last breath in our arms. Leaving the hospital without him couldn’t have felt more wrong. The days and weeks that passed didn’t make sense. Our world had simply stopped spinning without our little boy. I am saddened, but also thankful for those I have met along this journey. If nothing else, I know our Henry has the most wonderful friends with him up in heaven whose parents ache for them everyday as well.

With all our hearts we love and remember our sweet boy Henry Joseph. Born and passed on April 4th, 2017; weighing 6lbs 13oz., but carrying the endless weight of our love with him forever.

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Hope's Mom

Hope was love and light and joy and so much sass. She was an expert at doing everything on her own terms and testing my patience regularly. Hope’s strong will and fiery spirit led to a very interesting pregnancy; she was definitely a very popular and well loved girl among the hospital staff. Hope was most active at night and when there was any sort of music playing. She was a tiny girl with a really big personality. For a little girl I only got to know while she growing inside of me, Hope made me laugh and cry on a daily basis. She still does. She packed a lot of life into the 289 days we had together, and continues to impact the world in such a special way.

Hope’s full name is Hope Violet, but her signature nickname will always be, sweet girl. I decided on the name Hope midway through my pregnancy, as it suited her perfectly. It was simple and elegant, and it was the one word I continually found myself going back to during my pregnancy. Violet came later when I learned that the birth flower for February was the violet. One of my favorite traditions during my pregnancy with Hope was buying her flowers every Saturday morning; a tradition I will always continue in honor of my sweet girl.

Hope broke many hearts when she entered the world silently before sunrise on February 15th, 2017. She was just a little peanut weighing 7 pounds 3 ounces, and was 19.5 inches long. She had a head of soft dark hair, deep blue eyes, the most delicate arm rolls, and perfectly round, kissable cheeks. Oh, and she had the most stunning eyelashes. She was my dream girl from head to toe. In those few short hours that it remained dark, I soaked in every last moment with my perfect girl. It was an unseasonably warm and sunny day the day Hope was born, and I will never forget how wrong it felt leaving the hospital with empty arms and an irreplaceable hole in my heart.

The 41 weeks and 2 days I spent with Hope will forever be stamped on my heart. For a little girl who took our lives by complete storm, she is loved more than she will ever know. Though her life here on earth with us has come to an end, her presence here has not. We carry Hope in our hearts now, and our love for our sweet girl is endless. She is loved and remembered daily by her family, friends, and many special acquaintances.